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2016 Van Horn Art Contest Winners Announced

2016 Lucretia Van Horn Memorial Art Award Recipients

Award History:  The Lucretia Van Horn Memorial Art Award was created by former CUSD principal, Van Horn, in honor of his late grandmother, Lucretia Van Horn.  Lucretia Van Horn was a gifted artist and educator who worked with such noted artists as Diego Rivera, Pablo O’Higgins, and David Park to teach others an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

1st Place Winner

Haritha Kumar, Lawson Middle School
“United in Our Differences”2016 Van Horn 1st Place

Artist Statement:  Though we may have different cultures, religions, and traditions, we are all united in the fact that we are human and share the same world.  In my artwork, several different aspects of culture represented diversity and they all merged into a colorful world, symbolizing that diversity makes the world a more colorful place.  The woman’s face is multicolored and the diverse cultural symbols all merge into her face to show that thought we may be different colors, whether we’re black or white, Asian or African, our culture is what unites us and makes the world a better place.


  1. 2nd Place Winner

Vaishnavi Ramanujan, Miller Middle School
“Music Unites!”2016 Van Horn 2nd Place

Artist Statement:  Diverse instruments around the world produce mellifluous music.  Music transcends time and space!


  1. 3rd Place Winner

Anna Shaposhnik, Miller Middle School
“People of the World”2016 Van Horn 3rd Place

Artist Statement:  Our world is diverse so that everyone has something to contribute to make the world a better place.  The “rainbow” of different people, with their unique strengths, backgrounds, and talents “enriches” the world with their fresh ideas and contribution, creating a brighter world, shaped by the individuality of people all over the world!


VH winners
1st Prize:  Haritha Kumar (Lawson Middle School), “United in Our Differences”
(left in picture below)
2nd Prize:  Vaishnavi Ramanujan (Miller Middle School), “Music Unites!”
(right in picture below)
3rd Prize:  Anna Shaposhnik  (Miller Middle School), “People of the World”
(center in picture below)

Please enjoy these amazing pieces of Art done by our talented students.: